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Parador of Benicarló

Parador de Benicarló

P. T. de Cazorla (Jaén)
(33 habit.)

Preservation Good

Av. Papa Luna, 5, Benicarló
Tel.964 470 100; Fax:964 470 934

Benicarló is next to one of Spain's most beautiful villages - Morella. There are plans for Morella soon to have a parador of its own, but until it does, visitors to Benicarló must make sure they make time to visit this spectacular walled village.

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Standing just 30 metres from the sea, Benicarlo Parador is a modern building. The parador has undergone recent reforms, and it has a clean, comfortable atmosphere. It has a swimming pool and is a popular choice for families with young children.

The food is simple and good quality - in typical beach fashion, the restaurant offers barbecues and buffet meals during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months.

Unlike some paradors of Spain, the Parador of Benicarlo has guests who tend to stay for more than just one or two nights. There is certainly lots to see and visit, both along the coast (which has some of the best beaches in the Valencian Region), and inland where newcomers are often surprised by the mountains and the green vegetation which constrasts with the southern part of this region. See Morella, Photos de Morella

For more detailed information on other sights, hotels and restaurants in the province, see Guide to Castellon

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