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Parador of Toledo

Toledo Parador
(70 rooms)

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Cerro del Emperador s/n. (Cigarrales)
Tel.: +34 925 221 850
Fax: +34 925 225 1 66

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Toledo is an incredibly amazing city, and although the views from Toledo Parador are exceptional, both by day and by night, the parador itself ought to be more special than it is to match its surroundings.

You get the feeling with the parador of Toledo that because the city receives so many visitors from all over the world, it doesn't have to woo its customers as much as other paradors in lesser known places of Spain do.

The River Tajo surrounds the city of Toledo, forming a natural moat around one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

The city of Toledo is unique in that in the Middle Ages it was home to three different cultures and religions, Moors, Jews and Christians. Although they didn't live in harmony to the extend that many historians would have us believe, they did manage to tolerate eachother and it is fascinating to see three such different styles of buildings and culture in one place.

You will need at least two days to do Toledo justice because there is an awful lot to see, so it can get a bit stressful if you only have one day in which to see it all.

Toledo parador should make some effort to offer its guests something similar to the magic atmosphere of the city which it overlooks. There is room for improvement in most areas, notably the restaurant (often overcrowded with hassled staff) and facilities in general. See Photos of Toledo Parador, Photos of Toledo Photos of Tembleque (near Toledo).

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